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The main prize went to croatian animation: Elephant in clouds


15. oktober, Maribor, Puppet Theatre Maribor

After five festival days, 106 screened films from young artists from 19 countries and four continents, today the jury awarded the best one. Because the young filmmakers competed in three age categories; MINI (up to 10 years), MIDI (11-14) and MAXI (15-19), the best film in each category received an award and the best film of the entire festival received the main prize, a financial reward of 300 euros, for the support for their work, given by the Sonda Foundation. The audience also woted for their favourite. The nominees will be competing for the Youth Cinema Award prize (prepared by Youth Cinema Network).

Mini Category
Firbec / Nosy Rabbit (2′ 07”, Slovenija, 2016)
“It’s a nice completed story full of witty childish ideas and a nicely designed art.”
Authors: Kids from the group Little Sushines from Kindergarten Vodmat, Ljubljana. Mentors: Anka Kočevar (film animator), Tadej Bernik (photographer), Samo Kutin (musician), Jana Pevec and Peter Faris (teachers).

Midi Category
Čarovnik išče službo / Magician seeks Job (6′ 08 ”, Nemčija, 2015)
“The story beginning with children’s imagination, complemented by playful ideas.”
Authors: Jarne Borinski, Konstantin Royal and others, Mentor: Bertolt Hering Jugendfilm

maxi 1
Maxi I Category

Kaj sedaj / What now (8′ 56”, Hrvaška, 2015)
“A quick peek at the girl who runs past, says a lot about the main character of this story. Every moment of the film, the artist with the shooting mode is very close and as viewers we are engaged in the great story of friendship and of his evidence.
Authors: Marko Bičanić Karlo Vorih, Korana Ugrina, Ian Tomljenović, Leon Dubroja, Veronika Milinovic

maxi 2
Demoni v preobleki / “Demons in Disguise”. (3′ 20”, 2014, ZDA)
„A relationship between mother and daughter is in most cases complicated. “
Avtorica / Author: Kira Bursky

Zmagovalec / winner
Slon v oblakih / Elephant in Clouds (2′ 09”, Hrvaška, 2015)
“Convinced us with a simple and thoughtful story with even better, professionally produced animation. The main prize goes to the film about flying with ears and expending the sleep time because of the good dreams.”

Avtorica / Author: Melita Sandrin, Mentor: Edo Lukman.

The audience gave the main prize to two films with the same number of votes: Slovenian film The Black Comedy (The black comedy, 4 ’41’ ‘, 2016) by Gasper Košenina, with the help of mentors Camille Hlaperin, Charlene Biju, Enej Mavsar and Thomaž Pavkovič.
Plot: A poor man decides to kill his rich friends. He hires two assassins to do the job, but they have terrible flaw.
The second film, which convinced the audience, was the Serbian Animals Would Like (Animals Would Like, 2 ’30’ ‘, 2014), created by a group of children under the supervision of Nela Curcija.
Plot: Animals are imagining how it would be if they switched their roles with humans.

The Little Elephant Festival together with pre-fest events lasted from 4 October. It was one of the most visited in Maribor, as 1500 children from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools attended the screenings. The students of the Secondary School for Design Maribor collaborated not only with their films, but have also filmed the festival and joined the film workshops within the festival.

This year’s specialty was the repetition of the entire film programme by viewer’s choice, which took place from 10:00 to 16:00 in the cinema Black Box at the GT22.

Hana Repše, the programme director of the festival who is put not only movies, but also numerous workshops, exhibition of film scenes (from the young filmmaker Timon Leder, who was also a member of the expert jury), a programme of short films of young female filmmakers and presentation of the partner organization with this year’s summer film camp for children.

Festival producer Rene Puhar put stress on the fact that children and young people with the help of mentors, produce more and more films as the technical equipment is becoming better and more accessible and the school systems in increasingly include education in the field of audiovisual media in their programmes.

This year the festival, which was held in Vetrinjski dvor Mansion, Puppet Theatre Maribor and the GT22, hosted 40 guests, including two members of the international jury:

Menghsun Chen (Taiwan), Vice-President of the Executive Committee of Tainan’s International Festival of child film Eureka!:
I came by the invitation of Hana Repše, which I met four years ago, here, in Maribor. I teach computer science in primary school and there, among the other, I acquaint children with computer animation. In our country, there is a lot of interest for animation. The things that I find most important in animation are the imagination, curiosity, the search for a solution and finally analyzing. It’s very good that this subject is in the school curriculum.

Vera Schöpfer (Germany) Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. The founder of the creative network SCREENAGERS, which organizes film projects for teenagers and Youth Academy For Documentary Films, Young Dogs:

It is my first time in Maribor. I am very curious what kind of films young people, with which I also work a lot, made. Children do not reflect or make films directly, but above 15 years of age we can already get little masterpieces from them. The older they are, of course, the more they think and sometimes it does not turn out to be good, because too much thinking can complicate things all together. It is important that the filmmaker’s mind is free, that he has a good story and knows why he wrote it. Everything else is subordinate to this.

Timon Leder (Slovenia), author of animated films, school for animation directing in France La Poudriere. His animated debut The Work (together with Urban Breznik) was screened at more than 25 festivals around the world:
I revive people and animals of all kind of sorts daily and I immensely enjoy doing it. I work as a film animator, as a mentor I am always impressed by how funny and innovative the characters, which youth revives, are. I think we witnessed this while watching this year’s festival selection. As a jury member I will put more emphasis on innovative features and animation of the characters. I will be most indulgent by technical implementation, although it is the main factor of viewer’s final response. However, it is not about professional-looking movies, but about the love for animation or should I say “revival”.

The Little Elephant Festival is organized by Association for Film Culture Development together wih:
Puppet Theatre Maribor, Narodni Dom Maribor, Institution MARS and GT22.

The official web page with the programme of the festival:
Uradna spletna stran festivala s programom:

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