ENIMATION festival 2017: Regulations


1. Festival

ENIMATION festival, international children and youth film festival (ENIMATION festival) will be taking place between the 9 th and 15 th of October, in Maribor, Slovenia.

2. Competition part

ENIMATION festival is open for authors younger than 19 years from all over the world. Any film and animation technique is accepted. Short films no longer than 25 minutes can apply.

We will accept films that were finished after July 1 st , 2015. We will choose only the films that have not been screened at Little Elephant Festival yet.

3. Applying for the competition part

To apply, you need to send the following until May 31 st , 2017:

• electronic application form (which can be found at www.enimation.si) or FilmFreeWay subbmition;
• if more than one film by the same author is applied, the application form must be sent for each film separately;
• films are sent via the FILMFREEWAY, VIMEO, YOUTUBE or DROPBOX portal;
• incomplete applications will not be accepted.

4. Categories

MINI – for authors aged under 10 years
MIDI – for authors aged between 11 and 14 years
MAXI – for authors aged between 15 and 19 years

5. Selection

The selection will be finished until September 1 th , 2017 at the latest. The organizer will inform the authors of the selection. The copies of all applied films (including those that are not selected) will become a part of the archive of the festival.

6. Sending copies

Films are accepted through VIMEO, YOUTUBE portal or DROPBOX in the video format MPG4.

7. Lodging

We will inform guests about the possibilities of lodging after the selection of films because it depends on the financial capacity of the particular edition of Little Elephant Festival. For each film we can invite only one representative and up to two children/youth – even when there are more authors of the film. The invitation cannot be passed on to other persons. Travel expenses are covered by guests.

8. Jury and awards

The international jury will be named by the organizers of the festival. Best film in each category of the ENIMATION Festival programme will be awarded. Additionally, the main prize for ENIMATION Festival will be awarded. There might be other awards presented.

9. Publishing, promotion, and archiving of the films

The festival calls upon authors, producers, and film distributers to send additional promotional material that will be made accessible for press, guests, and audience during the festival. The chosen films can be included in special presentations after the festival, or (with the authors’ permission) published at the Little Elephant Festival TV portal and local TV, and other event for festival promotion.

10. Jurisdiction

Taking part in the festival means that you agree with the regulations described above. Matters not described by the regulations described above fall into the jurisdiction of the organizers of the festival. In case of dispute, the Slovenian version of the regulations applies.


ENIMATION festival is created by Association for Film Culture Development and other partners.

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