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ENIMATION seminar is intended for teachers, mentors, students, and others who wish to get acquainted with animated film as a creative praxis or as a medium that can open various themes. We understand the animated film in a wider sense: as a part of film, new, or audio-visual media. We touch upon psychology, sociology, cultural education, and interdisciplinary learning … Our goal is to get familiar with methods and ways of working with pupils, and to learn about various praxes in Slovenia and abroad.


In Udarnik Cinema, located in Maribor, the first days of education through animated film – ENIMATION Days 2013 – will take place between December 6th Elephant (competition programme for animated films made by children and youth) is to happen. On Saturday (December 7th films from across the globe;...

After the last year’s International Symposium on Education in the Field of Animated Film in Maribor, as a part of the module ENIMATION Seminar, we are now organising lectures from the field of teaching animation.

This year’s seminar – a part of ENIMATION Days 2013 – will take place on Saturday, December 7th at 12pm. The experience about teaching animation will be shared by Mojca Guštin, Dejan Paska, Timon Leder, and Walter Dickmanns....

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